Professionalism, kindness, concern, this is what you will appreciate from our highly qualified staff.
For those who love art and crafts, it will be possible to realize a guided tour in the inside of our craft lab furnace. Observing our glass Masters you will be able to appreciate the various techniques of glass processing, acknowledging every step. It won’t be just a simple guided tour, but you will assist to a true production in the inside of our glass factory, from our furnaces to our show rooms where you can admire our Murano glass chandeliers, our sculptures, the Murano modern vases and the lamp articles.
Our work is highly requested, that is why it is preferable for you to take an appointment previously, in order to organize your own visit in the best way. Contact us.
Appreciated for the attention paid to the details, our product are made according to glass processing ancient original techniques, combined with innovation and to the fantasy of our skilled craftsmen.
Our creations, Murano modern vases, chandeliers, sculptures and objects for the table, realized by wise and expert hands, are cleverly packaged and sent to every place of the world by an express courier, directly to your home.
Be enchanted by the magic of the Murano glass, together with the best experts of the field.