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The birth of the Murano glass industry was stimulated by the trade between the Venetians and the East. Naturally, for many centuries at the beginning of the first productions, the glass making was focused on satisfying just daily needs, such as mirrors, glasses and Murano glass chandeliers.

With the technological progress, the creation of the Murano glass chandeliers met an important turning point from both a quantitative and a qualitative point of view. Thanks to the professional talent of the Venetian glass masters such as Lino Tagliapierta, Pino Signoretto, Loredano Rosin and Ermanno Nason, the objects that were created by the factories acquired a growing artistic prestige that were soon appreciated beyond the Venice boundaries. Today, as then, the Murano Island preserves its value as center of excellence for the creation of unique glass masterpieces, known all over the world, where the magnificent Murano glass chandeliers adorn timeless halls.

The Reno Schiavon glass factory has significantly contributed on the development of the fascinating glass world and in particular of the Murano glass chandeliers, which, in the late nineties, transformed the ancient establishment of the family in a center where learning the art of glass processing. For many local young talented, this choice of the glass masters represents an unprecedented opportunity for growing, thanks to that the whole Muranese production offer evolves with new lines and new processing techniques. By doing so, the styles have diversified and new specific designs that are born are destined to conquer the world and decor every kind of environment, both modern and classic.

Among the glass apprentices of that period, today there are many of them that managed to create their own independent studio and to find luck in the field market that seems to be timeless. The Mattia and Silvio Toso’s brothers have demonstrated a unique talent by working together, even if they came from different technical or artistic knowledge.

The first, in fact, was trained under the example of Pino Signoretto, in other words the artistic principle reference point of the field between the ‘80s and ‘90s.

In here, he gained the experience in the processing of the sculpture made of Murano glass. While Silvio acquired the first instruments by serving in two furnaces, the Pauly CVM and the Archimede Seguso, both are characterized by a pronounced classic style, passed down through generations. Both artisans had been able to perfecting their production technique under the guidance of the glass-processing Master Reno Schiavon that has dedicated just to them all his energies and craft knowledge. Today it is possible to admire the works forged by the two brothers (Murano glass chandeliers, vases, sculptures, etc.), they gather to get both their talent united, directly in the show room of the Reno Schiavon Furnace. In here, it is possible to find all the characteristics of this ancient art that has known how to evolve but without distorting itself, over the centuries of the life of this craft. The title of “Glass Master” dates back more than eight centuries ago, when the Serenissima gave to the title even the equivalent to the Patrician class. The Murano glass chandeliers and other typical works, conquered this way prestigious of the highest level, extremely difficult to find in other decor objects.